Friday, January 15, 2010

Back Room Deals

I will start off with, I am no fan of Bush. I hate the fact that we have people in IRAQ and Afghanistan. I hate the fact that the soldiers that have no choice are there dying and the private contractors are making money.

That being said this latest atrocity by the ruling Aristocracy is not good. In order to pass the ObamaCare packages they are going to tax these so called "Cadillac" plans. I am not sure what they are thinking with this. I do not have the best coverage in the world. It has in fact, just gotten worse but my plan may fall into this "Cadillac" plan coverage. I am going to get taxed 40% on an employee benefit. How the hell is that fair. I thought this plan was going to be a reform? Reform means improvement. That is not an improvement for me.

On top of this atrocity. They cut a deal with the unions saying they will not have their plans taxed. If some union clown has the same health care as I do they will not pay the 3000 dollars in taxes that I will. How is that fair! HOW!! It is a clear cut bribe to get them on the side of the health care package. As if the Unions don't get enough breaks. They are destroying the companies they work for, it is their choice.

This kind of cronyism is the worst. So far Obama has gone back on almost everything he said in his campaign. The current congress and president are destroying the country.

Still bitter.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MD State Government

It really blows my mind. We are in the worst economic crisis in years and the governments can't curtail spending. The state legislature is in session and I heard there are at least 6 bills being proposed to raise taxes. I wish I knew who proposed those bills.

The O'Malley led government gave us the largest tax increase ever for state 2 years ago. How can they think increasing taxes now again is OK. We really need to figure out a solution to the 2 party system. I have no idea what it is. The 2 parties we have in power do not represent the people anymore. They have become a ruling class or aristocracy. They no better then the people and I just can't agree with that.

Still bitter..