Thursday, July 7, 2011

HP I hate you

I have bought HP products for most of my life. Sadly I am done. The last printer I bought just does not work. It is called a HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer. The drivers flat out do not work on 64bit operating systems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled them maybe 1000 times, both on vista 64bit and Win 7 64bit. They are there one time then you reboot and they are gone. You can't scan with this thing either. It just does not work. I have spent limitless hours trying to get this thing to work. I really want to take a bat to this thing.

Next I bought a refurbished HP laptop for 500 bucks. It is a nice laptop. About 2 months after the limited warranty went up it started blinking error messages on the keyboard. Very strange. They said it will be 450 to get the whole motherboard replaced. They are so stupid. If you sold the laptop for 600 that part is no longer worth 450.

Every time I contacted them they were no help. It is so frustrating. I am done with them. Any suggestions for a new printer?