Friday, March 27, 2009


I went to see The Watchmen in IMAX format the other day. I liked the movie enough, I was happy I went to see it, my biggest problem was the theater. I have been to two other IMAX theaters, one at the Maryland Science Center and the other in Las Vegas. These are both great theaters, I can't seem to find a good link to the one in Vegas but it was awesome. The screen was like 70 feet tall. I saw the second Matrix movie there, I left the theater amazed at the experience they locked you into your seat like you were on a roller coaster.

The theater at White Marsh Mall in Maryland left me feeling like I was kicked in the balls. It was no bigger then any of the other large theaters. It only seats 500. The screen was nothing to be amazed at, the picture was good but it just was not the same. The price of the ticket was 13 dollars. I have a 60 inch High definition tv at home with 5.1 surround sound. I am perfectly happy watching the movies at home. We spent 50 dollars when it was all said and done. It just is not worth it.

I sent an email to the IMAX people letting them know I felt the implementation at White Marsh was degrading to the IMAX name. I have not heard back from them. I tried to send an email to AMC, the owners of the theater, but their site says to direct any complaints to the manager. I felt like that was a big load of bullshit.

Go try it out for yourself but the theater is a joke. If there was any actual information about the theater online I would link to it but there is not.

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