Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last I checked we were a Capitalist society. When did that change? We apparently missed the change, I know I did. It seems the government we elected is changing things to socialization. They talk about taking money from the wealthy but these bailouts and stimulus packages mean they are taking money from all of us. They are socializing the losses. The banks that are failing should fail, the car companies that can't make cars people want should fail, and the home owners who made bad decisions should lose their homes.

I have tried to make all the right decisions. I live within my means, buy a house I can afford, and I don't buy BMW's and such just to look cool. In the long run I am the one that is going to pay for all of these people making bad decisions. It is a little depressing. I know they are lowering the fed so people will borrow money and buy houses and such. One side effect of this is when I try to save money my interest rates are awful. There is no good way to save money right now except buying gold.

It is depressing. I feel our government has become an aristocracy, they are now a ruling class above the rest of us. The approval ratings for these bailouts are below 20% yet they still pass them. The government was supposed to rule with the consent of the governed. I don't think they have any real idea what the governed want anymore.

I think we need term limits in congress both state and federal. Lobbying money has gotten to too many of these congressmen, they owe too many favors to really represent us.

It is very disappointing but what can we do, too many people don't pay attention. All is forgotten by election time.


Middle class Joe.

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