Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fallout 3 - a great experience

I never thought there would be a game good enough to tear me away from Warcraft. Then, I played Fallout 3. I played the first 2 games, they were good but not this good. This game is pretty amazing from the graphics to the voice acting is really great. There should be more games like this. There are way too many games out nowadays that just appear to be a money grab.

I like the skill tree , the bobble heads, and the whole character development set up is quite involved. The only issues I have with it is the game is it is almost impossible to play the game as an evil character and you can only level to 20.

There is much satisfaction to removing a Slavers head from his body in a big puff of red and liberating the weak. I know the game ends when you complete the main quest. I can bring myself to do it. I want to explore every location and complete every quest before I finish the game.

The one thing I have to look forward too is there are 3 expansion packs. As a side note I originally bought the game for the PS3 and sold it back because the expansions are only for the XBOX and the PC. The game is that good, I wanted to keep playing the game so I bought it a second time.

A great game, there are not many out there.

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