Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warcraft losing its edge

I have been playing Warcraft\Warcrack since it launched four years ago. I sunk way too many hours into it, and would have to say I am an addict. My complaint is it has slowly over the last year been losing its edge. What does that mean? I will tell you. Blizzard the company that developed the money maker has been listening to users, I would say too much.

The game has gotten ridiculously easy. Anyone can level thier character to 80 without any challenge. You just have to know where to go. The game is not hard at all. It is the addiction of leveling and lure of more equipment. This has also been made ridiculously easy.

On the other side my account got hacked after playing for three years. I know it was my fault. I know I got a key logger on my machine somehow. Having been someone that played for three years you would think they would be more help but they weren't. They half assedly restored a few of my characters and some money. It sucked.

These two things really sucked the life out of it for me. Three years of gameplay down the drain. I think I am done now the game is not fun anymore but it is just a grind.



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