Monday, March 28, 2011

MD Budget

The MD state government is raising taxes and fees all over the place this year. Why? They raised the budget 11.6%. I don't understand how they get away with it. As MD residents we need to vote these people out. I sent an email to my 4 congressmen asking them not to vote to raise any taxes. I got some very nice responses from the 3 delegates that represent me (Bromwell, Cluster and Bromwell) explaining their position. I was happy they took the time to reply to me.

My senator Katherine Klausmeier did what I have come to expect from politicians. This is her answer:

"I do the best job I can for the residents of District 8."

Why couldn't she take some time to answer my question? I hate when they talk to you in this matter. Shut up and take it. I know best and you are just my minion. Our state congress raised the budget 11.6% this year. How can they justify that in this economy? The answer is they can't. This needs to stop at some point. How many people in the state's wages went up 11.6%, very few. What justifies it?

I don't get it. Nobody is questioning them. Can't expect The Sun paper to say anything.

How about spending less? What a novel idea.

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