Saturday, March 19, 2011

NFL vs. The Players 2011

I am a season ticket holder for the Baltimore Ravens. I am so sick of hearing about the labor problems the NFL players are having. I am sick of the players telling me what I should think about their plight. It ain't that bad. There are too many people without jobs nowadays to care about a NFL player not making 10 million a year. Stop telling me how I should think. The government has no business being involved in this. The problem is big labor has bought and paid for the Democrats so they are going to rule for the Players. That is what they are betting on.

My tickets went up 50% in 5 years. I am not on the owners side either. The fact that we have to pay full price for 2 pre-season games that are absolutely horrible will never put me on their side. I don't agree with the 18 game season either, they should stop saying it is for the fans. It is for them, the owners only, nobody else. They get to keep getting paid for 10 home games a year and fans only have to pay for 1 pre-season game. How about you cut the pre season games to half price or go back to not making us have to pay for them. Then there is the issue of PSL's. They are the biggest lie ever. The owners want new stadiums so they can make more money. They do it on the backs of the fans and tax payers. That is not right, but we continue to put up with it.

I can't root for either side. I know nobody will probably read this but just needed to speak my mind. The problem is I will keep paying for my tickets and keep supporting the problem. Until the league loses popularity nothing will change. We the fans as a whole have more power then we think we do. We need to stop showing up to the games. They are ridiculously expensive anyway.

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