Friday, February 20, 2009

Following the straight and narrow....

I got an email from a friend the other day reminding me of something that is really bothering me. The friend asked if he was "being a dick" because he does not feel sorry for anyone who is having problems with their mortgage payments. I told him he is not a dick.

I am a frustrated member of the middle class. I am someone who has spent within his means and did not invest in a big huge house I could not afford or bought cars I did not need. I do not run up credit card bills, the only thing on our credit cards is my grad school tuition.

I hope there are a lot of people that fall in the same category as I do. This means there are not as many broke people as the media portrays. I think the media has been doing so much fear mongering that the situation seems worse then it is.

We are all getting screwed royally. What is in it for us with this bailout plan, or this stimulus plan? The answer is nothing. I am in a large group of people that is paying for this mess. It is so frustrating. In my opinion people who bought houses that they can't afford should lose them, and businesses that made bad decisions should go under. Is that too simplistic? I know it is but if we keep socializing losses in this country the rich will get richer faster, the poor will continue to be subsidized and the middle class will keep getting told to grab their ankles.


Do I sound bitter? I am.

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  1. Well said! (You might want to spell check your name.)