Friday, February 13, 2009

Worst Song Ever

I live in Maryland and listen to channel 104.3 all the time. Most of the time I love the station, it plays exactly the type of music I like. There is one song that I can't stand, it makes my skin crawl every time I hear it. The song is listed as their number one on the station on their top 20 and I can't sit through a second of it.

The song is Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire". I don't get the song. It is horrible and it sounds like some bad 90's song pre-grunge era. When it comes on the radio I have to change the station. The song feels out of place with the rest of the stations playlist. I can't wait to hear their next release. Just awful.

I know this is my first post and there is not much to it, most will probably be short. I just plan on posting rants about everyday things that bother me. I know there are a log of people that feel the same way.