Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PSL's what a sham...

Here I am looking at my Raven's season tickets bill, wondering why I keep paying the ridiculous prices. When I got the season ticket 10 years ago it was 35 bucks. Art Modell never raised tickets more then 7 bucks in one season. Then the money grubbing ass bought the team

Steve Bisciotti became the majority owner of the team 5 years ago. My season tickets were 48 bucks a game and things were good. His first year he raised the tickets 25% to 60 bucks a game. I was not happy it was a ridiculous increase. Two years later he raised the ticket prices 33% to 80 bucks a game, a 20 dollar a game increase is even more ridiculous then the first increase.

Finally this year he raised them 12.5% to 90 dollars a ticket. This includes the 180 dollars I have to pay for 2 pre-season games when nobody I care about plays. Not to mention the games are on Thursday afternoon half the time, who the hell is going to take off for a pre-season game. The moral of the story is my season ticket prices have gone up 87% in five years.

I am a big worrier, with the economy the way it is, its hard to pay for the tickets. When the season ticket prices go up so do the tailgating tickets and the beer prices. I think I have reached my level of understanding when it comes to how much is too much.

I would like to say I will get rid of my season tickets but how can I? Back to the title of the post, the PSL. When I bought my tickets I had to pay 750 dollars just for the right to buy tickets every year. This is how they screw us. I lose the PSL if I let my season tickets lapse. I can try to resell my ticket but that is next to impossible with only one ticket.

I am feeling screwed by the Baltimore Ravens organization and everyone else involved. I am not going to buy anything inside the stadium any more the prices are outrageous.

Hopefully, we see some games not sold out this season. Maybe when the Orioles see record lows in attendance this year something will sink in.

I love football but I can watch it on my tv and enjoy it almost as much as I do there.

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